Lake Michigan Charter Fishing Boat

My Mistress – Lake Michigan Charter Fishing Boat

Lake Michigan Salmon fishing charters on a properly configured fishing boat, begin by leaving the dock at around 6:00 am, fishing until 1:00 PM for morning trips and beginning at 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM for the afternoon charters. We troll the lake looking for suspended fish with artificial baits and wait for the strike to start the action. Fishing and landing the Lake Michigan Chinook Salmon can be as exciting as it gets for a sport fisherman. These fish run tackle off at 45 MPH. Many times we have more than 1 fish on at a time which makes for very fun trips for everyone aboard.

Choosing an experienced Captain for your Lake Michigan salmon fishing charter makes all the difference in the world. Captain Mel knows the area and knows how to bring in the big hauls.  Afterwards we will clean and bag your fish and there are also Restaurants that will cook your catch while in town. Few things are as delicious as fresh caught Lake Michigan Salmon.

Chinook Salmon Lake Michigan Charter Fishing

Captain Mel with a nice lunker.

Bringing in lots of Chinook or “King Salmon” is what we do best and this planted or “introduced” species was first brought to control the population of Alewife throughout the Great Lakes region.  Coho Salmon are also a planted fish coming from Oregon State, they are smaller than the Chinook and are available for early season (April) fishery. They come into shallow water in the spring to feed. We are able to find them just off shore in 10 to 30 feet of water.  Both species are prized for their flavor and healthy dietary benefits, not to mention the priceless medicinal value of an adventurous day (or relaxing if its more your speed) of fishing on the lake.   The sun, the scenery and the smells of the lake are just what the Doctor ordered.  If you are looking for some good group or family fun call us today to book your charter 269-506-3513. You won’t be disappointed!