Lake Michigan Coho Silver Salmon Fishing

If you’re charter fishing in Lake Michigan, there’s a good chance that you’re going to go home with a few Coho Salmon – also known as Silver Salmon.

Information on Coho (Silver Salmon)

After entering fresh water, the Coho or Silver Salmon – also known as “silvers” develop dark spots on their backs, bright-red sides, blue-green heads and backs, and dark bellies. A typical mature Coho (Silver Salmon) is roughly 28 inches (71 cm) long and 7 to 11 lbs (3.2 to 5 kg). Sometimes, the Coho (Silver Salmon) can reach up to 36 lbs (16 kg). Females may appear darker in color than the male Coho (Silver Salmon) and both have a definite hook in their nose.

During their spawning phase the Coho (Silver Salmon) will go through some physical changes. Their jaws and teeth become hooked. The gumline in the lower jaw has a lighter color than the Chinook (King Salmon).

Coho’s live to be 3 years old.

Eating and Preparation of Coho (Silver Salmon)

Coho (Silver Salmon) is sometimes referred to as the “in-between” salmon meaning not too big, not too small, fatty but not the fattiest, and firm but not the firmest.

Coho (Silver Salmon) are perfect for poaching. Their low fat keeps the fish moist if cooked gently and a side of coho always works well for a poaching pan.